Monday, January 24, 2011

Let the adventure begin!!

 My name is Andrea and I am VERY excited to have launched this blog about cloth diapering!

In June of 2010 my husband and I found out we were expecting another little addition to our family.  Funny story about that: Our oldest son had been praying for me to become pregnant for well over months and alas, it happened.  That little seven-year-old's powerful prayers forever changed our family!  Currently we have a little over six weeks left until our third son is expected to debut into this world.

My very first NB sized AIO Diaper
For the past several months, I have been researching and testing several different diaper patterns, gleening from experienced diapering mother's wisdom and getting my feet wet with different materials and diapering styles.  I am very lucky to be a mom who works from home so I have ample opprotunity to create and try out products to see what works and what doesn't work as well.  I have my own in-home childcare currently and have a friend who just gave birth to her second son just 3 months ago.  I have just shy of live in developers!  Every time I finish a new style of diaper or want to try out a new fabric type, I have two babies who are more than happy to lend me their tushies for a test round.  How greatful I am for that!  I have come a very long way from my first diaper creation!

My first size Sm pocket diaper

My goals for this blog is to be support for those who are interested in beginning the amazing journey of cloth diapering, to provide quality, custom products for new and vetran cloth diapers alike, and to document the progress of 2540Diapers.  Please check back frequently to watch us grow and read about products we are trying and reviewing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at

Thanks and have a blessed day!


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